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Aikonia – Ariel

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Fanart for the webcomic precursor to Aikonia. GO READ IT. IT’S AWESOME.

What else?… Oh yes. Pink hair is agony. Painful, tortuous agony. It’s next to impossible to find good reference for it.



All the colouring was done using a WORD PROCESSING PROGRAM. Admittedly,  I cheated by doing the lineart with a tablet, but that was mainly because my favourite inking pen (a cheap .38 pentel) ran out of ink. Otherwise, I would have done the inking traditionally. I’m confident that it would be possible to do this all with only a computer, a phone camera and MS Word or Pages.

I remember when I started using MS paint to edit my drawings, I used to think, “If only I had <insert expensive graphics package> and a tablet, then my art would be sooo much better.” Since then, I’ve seen a lot of people who assume that it’s impossible to make digital art without a tablet and photoshop or an equivalent program. That’s false to a certain extent. Yes, I find having a tablet and photoshop helpful, but at the end of the day, it’s not the tools that matter, but the artist.

Sorry for ranting >_<“. Edgey’s supposed to be half squinting in irritation, but that didn’t come out too well. Objection vector from, Ace Attorney belongs to Capcom. Does anyone use the word “spiffy” anymore?


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It’s insanely fun to draw and paint giant squids!

Awaiting the dawn

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Photoshop started lagging like crazy when I started colouring the frame, and tried to shut down while I was doing the textures. I can’t be bothered to struggle with it anymore, so although the textures are too strong, I’m posting it now. Thank you, Crimson, for the advice on using textures WHICH I MESSED UP I’M SORRY. >_<

Supposed to be a fanart for Tegami Bachi (A series that’s brilliant. It’s full of heart.), but I sorta got distracted when drawing. Paper Textures by the very awesome Princess-of-Shadows.

Full view please!


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Art trade with Mellonish. Please go visit her stuff! She draws really cute chibis.

I’d forgotten how much I disliked drawing bears when I took the request, so I hid its body behind some bamboo. *coughcough* I drew the bamboo because it is a symbol of resilience and integrity. Even when strong winds blow and bend it, it returns to an upright position. *cough*

New Year’s Resolution

“My New Year’s resolution this year is…”