Monthly Archives: February 2011

Speed paints

Wow, I sure do come up with imaginative titles. *sarcasm*. So, um, some speed paints that were done under an hour? These are ugly, but I need to dump them somewhere.

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Some stuff I did after participating in an arts festival thing hosted by my school last week. If I remember correctly, these pieces were made in one or two sitting each. The event was interesting, but a little disappointing in my opinion. The teachers didn’t seem to be that organized… The idea for R isn’t mine, it’s based on an illustration that I saw about ago. I can’t remember the artist though.

I’m starting work on a project, but I might post some brushes/texture packs in the meantime.

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Click on the image to TRANSFORM IT! More than meets the eye!

When I was working on this, I realized I hadn’t drawn anything special for the Chinese New Year. I was too lazy to start something else, so Hibari now has a stylized bunny for a tonfa.

*A* I keep greeting my Cantonese relatives with “Gong Xi Fa Cai” instead of “Gong Hey Fat Choy”.

Paper Texture by Princess-of-Shadows, stone textures are mine.