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Poop. Supermodel poop.

Question: You have a pile of past papers, two essays, one worksheet, two past paper long questions and a set of physics notes to finish. You have less than 3 days to finish all of this. What do you do?

Answer: Draw poop.

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Conclusion: I really need a life.

Quickly* testing a technique for creating a satin-like texture that Crimson taught me. Although it can be tedious, it looks amazing, so I’m definitely going to be using it again. Font is Jersey M54 by justme54s.

*3-5 hours.†

† Yes, that is “quick”.


(For “Jayemi”) Owl City


Click on the image to see the not-quite-full resolution.


Dedicated to “Jayemi”. Sorry, I didn’t use any of your favourite songs/bands as inspiration. Somehow, I couldn’t really get any good ideas when I was listening to them. One of the first times I heard you sing was when you sang Fireflies while listening to your iPod, so I based this on that memory. I’ve been procrastinating long enough, so I went for that, which was one of the first things that came to my mind. I’m not really happy with this image, so if you want another request, you can ask for one and I’ll try to take it.

Font is “Hurry Up” by Ray Larabie, textures from dennytang, stockphoto and GoMedia (I think).


My class is selling shoelaces at school to help raise money for the victims of the tsunamis and earthquake. Not just any old shoelaces – epic red shoelaces! They’re quite long, so they’re good for fancy shoelacing. At first I was only supposed to co-ordinate the project, but I ended up working on the video and some promotional material in addition to my original job. ||oTL

Stills from the video

The shoelaces turned out more pink than red after we finished dyeing them, but they work pretty well.

Dans le Jardin des Roses

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Part of a collab with Animefreak00910 of DA. Nvm, this got cancelled.

Those flowers! I’m never doing a background like this again! Or at least, not for a really long while. I think they might be roses, but their leaves aren’t like the leaves of flowers from the rose family. Thanks, Crimson, for the bg idea.

Like before, if you would like to colour this, please give credit for the lineart and link back to this blog and/or this post. You may not use this in commercial work, nor may you post it anywhere else “as is” without my express permission. If you’d like to colour this digitally, please use the full resolution, as whatever is white in this image is transparent in the full resolution.