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Dans le Jardin des Roses

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Part of a collab with Animefreak00910 of DA. Nvm, this got cancelled.

Those flowers! I’m never doing a background like this again! Or at least, not for a really long while. I think they might be roses, but their leaves aren’t like the leaves of flowers from the rose family. Thanks, Crimson, for the bg idea.

Like before, if you would like to colour this, please give credit for the lineart and link back to this blog and/or this post. You may not use this in commercial work, nor may you post it anywhere else “as is” without my express permission. If you’d like to colour this digitally, please use the full resolution, as whatever is white in this image is transparent in the full resolution.


Aikonia – Ariel

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Fanart for the webcomic precursor to Aikonia. GO READ IT. IT’S AWESOME.

What else?… Oh yes. Pink hair is agony. Painful, tortuous agony. It’s next to impossible to find good reference for it.


All the colouring was done using a WORD PROCESSING PROGRAM. Admittedly,  I cheated by doing the lineart with a tablet, but that was mainly because my favourite inking pen (a cheap .38 pentel) ran out of ink. Otherwise, I would have done the inking traditionally. I’m confident that it would be possible to do this all with only a computer, a phone camera and MS Word or Pages.

I remember when I started using MS paint to edit my drawings, I used to think, “If only I had <insert expensive graphics package> and a tablet, then my art would be sooo much better.” Since then, I’ve seen a lot of people who assume that it’s impossible to make digital art without a tablet and photoshop or an equivalent program. That’s false to a certain extent. Yes, I find having a tablet and photoshop helpful, but at the end of the day, it’s not the tools that matter, but the artist.

Sorry for ranting >_<“. Edgey’s supposed to be half squinting in irritation, but that didn’t come out too well. Objection vector from, Ace Attorney belongs to Capcom. Does anyone use the word “spiffy” anymore?

Zexion Paperchild

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This only took about a day to colour o_o Usually, I procrastinate a lot, so it takes me around a week to finish something after scanning =_=’ His book looks horrendous.

A Zexion Paperchild. Feel free to print, cut out, use and share, but please credit and link back to this post. Please don’t take this image as it is and post it anywhere else. Thanks~


Here’s how it looks like

If you’re in a sadistic mood, you could dangle Zexion out of your window.