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All the colouring was done using a WORD PROCESSING PROGRAM. Admittedly,  I cheated by doing the lineart with a tablet, but that was mainly because my favourite inking pen (a cheap .38 pentel) ran out of ink. Otherwise, I would have done the inking traditionally. I’m confident that it would be possible to do this all with only a computer, a phone camera and MS Word or Pages.

I remember when I started using MS paint to edit my drawings, I used to think, “If only I had <insert expensive graphics package> and a tablet, then my art would be sooo much better.” Since then, I’ve seen a lot of people who assume that it’s impossible to make digital art without a tablet and photoshop or an equivalent program. That’s false to a certain extent. Yes, I find having a tablet and photoshop helpful, but at the end of the day, it’s not the tools that matter, but the artist.

Sorry for ranting >_<“. Edgey’s supposed to be half squinting in irritation, but that didn’t come out too well. Objection vector from, Ace Attorney belongs to Capcom. Does anyone use the word “spiffy” anymore?