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Above the City

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This took so long. Actually it took under 8 hours (I think), but they were spread out over quite a long period of time. I kept procrastinating.

I’m joining deviantart now, but the username “CeruleanFox” is taken. On DA, I’m “Dromothel“. The worst thing is that the person using CeruleanFox hasn’t gone on for over 200 weeks.


(For “Jayemi”) Owl City


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Dedicated to “Jayemi”. Sorry, I didn’t use any of your favourite songs/bands as inspiration. Somehow, I couldn’t really get any good ideas when I was listening to them. One of the first times I heard you sing was when you sang Fireflies while listening to your iPod, so I based this on that memory. I’ve been procrastinating long enough, so I went for that, which was one of the first things that came to my mind. I’m not really happy with this image, so if you want another request, you can ask for one and I’ll try to take it.

Font is “Hurry Up” by Ray Larabie, textures from dennytang, stockphoto and GoMedia (I think).


My class is selling shoelaces at school to help raise money for the victims of the tsunamis and earthquake. Not just any old shoelaces – epic red shoelaces! They’re quite long, so they’re good for fancy shoelacing. At first I was only supposed to co-ordinate the project, but I ended up working on the video and some promotional material in addition to my original job. ||oTL

Stills from the video

The shoelaces turned out more pink than red after we finished dyeing them, but they work pretty well.

The Cradle of the Sun


Land of the Rising Sun

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Resources for Japan earthquake/tsunamis (Google Crisis Response).

Watercolour brushes by Denny Tang. Colouring style inspired by this and inking style influenced by this. The green pheasant is the national bird of Japan.


So I was sick the other day and missed school, and what did I do? I made a snail animation! Wow! What a productive use of my time! (if it isn’t moving, click on the image)

Note how the pebbles mysteriously change shape! Marvel at the snail’s wobbling shell! Gasp at its curiously blobby shadow! What a wonder!

View the full post to see the process and an avatar version (not that you’d want to use it, but still.) Feel free to use the snail, just credit and link back.

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Some stuff I did after participating in an arts festival thing hosted by my school last week. If I remember correctly, these pieces were made in one or two sitting each. The event was interesting, but a little disappointing in my opinion. The teachers didn’t seem to be that organized… The idea for R isn’t mine, it’s based on an illustration that I saw about ago. I can’t remember the artist though.

I’m starting work on a project, but I might post some brushes/texture packs in the meantime.